Apsos on the Mountain Invite


2 Comments on “Apsos on the Mountain Invite”

  1. Deby,
    Is there a chance you could bring a Gompa or 2 when you come to Minnesota?

    I’d love to see them,
    Shelley Potter

  2. Debby says:

    Not unless I strap them to the roof rack. 🙂 Vickie and I are coming in my Subaru wagon with four dogs, so we’ll be packed to the gills. Mark your calendar for the same weekend next year. Our club hosts a Sweepstakes and Specialty on Friday, followed by two all-breed shows Saturday and Sunday. Iris will still be eligible for Sweepstakes. We try to have something educational during the weekend, followed by Monday’s Apsos on the Mountain. That’s when we kick back, relax, enjoy food, drink and Lotsa Apso conversation.

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