Back from Nebraska


Rick and I are back home in Colorado from our mid-west road trip. We took only back roads, with the exception of the final four hours back into Denver. It was green, green, green. This photo was taken at my sister Lori’s house. The beautiful garden in the background sits in front of the old horse barn. My  nephew’s two-year old daughter Elise is catching the bubbles. A clematis climbs each end of the clothesline. It captures some of the simple things I cherish about where I grew up.

For those that asked, the house was built in 1880. While it was being built, the family lived in a sod house, built into a hill on the property. One of these days, I’ll put together a photo tour and share it with you. The house has been in our family since 1960. Lori and Ron have done a spectacular job of refurbishing the house, paying attention to each and every detail that made it a Farm House. I am so glad they undertook the project, not only because of my own memories but because farm houses are becoming scarce.

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