Here I am!!


Here I am behind the roses!

8 Comments on “Here I am!!”

  1. Vickie says:

    I think both roses and Apso are quite lovely!

  2. Gail Duboe says:

    Help! I have a new Gompa challenge…Panchen sleeps by my bed…If there are any noises at all during the night (someone closing a bathroom door) he will alert bark..and go to the door..I get up and get him back in his bed and tell him “shush”..My method is not quite working….Now that he is more comfortable,it seems,in my house…he has started to do this..What should I do?.

  3. Gail Duboe says:

    Sorry I don’t think this is quite the right category….for my comment….

  4. Ken Widger says:

    See Apsofacto #7. This is their job. It is in their genes to wake the Mastiff and Zeke barks at any unfamiliar noise. The upside is no one will ever sneak up on you! 🙂

  5. lhasalhady says:

    Ken, thanks for reminding me Panchen’s behavior has more to do with his Apsoness than his blindness. Since reading Gail’s question, I have tried to come up with options – or even one! – with my focus on his blindness. I have even considered contacting Suzanne Clothier, author of Bones Would Rain From The Sky. Maybe a re-adjustment in my thinking will provide options for Gail. Panchen’s alarm barking does indicate he’s settled in comfortably and nicely at Gail’s, which is another upside.
    Gail, I’ve wondered if it would be possible to desensatize him to the closing of bathroom doors. The more he hears it, the less the sound is unfamiliar, eliciting less and less alarm barking until the behavior is extinguished.

  6. Gail Duboe says:

    Thank you guys for your thoughts….I had written to Vicki earlier because I got anxious that no one would offer advice…I will post that..”.Being blind, his sense of hearing is going to be heightened. I’d get some “white noise” going on in the room … a ceiling fan, a CD playing softly all night … something to cut the street/house noises. I’d also “shush” him — basically letting him know you are aware of the noise and it is okay. You might try tethering him to the bed so he can’t get up and go to the door.

    Another suggestion would be to get a ComfortZone diffuser and have it in the bedroom. It’s a synthetic pheromone that calms and soothes (really does work). Last resort would be to use Benedryl or Dramamine at night — holler if you need dosages.”Hope this is ok with you Vickie….He is settling in…Think of what a huge adjustment it is for him to be in a new house in a new geographical area with new people and dogs….Oh boy…I imagine it will take quite awhile…Especially for a dog who has mostly lived in a kennel situation…. He even sits patiently outside the bedroom sliding door to go out and growl talks very quietly…I have never experienced that kind of communication from other tzus and lhasas that have been with me…..!!!!!!! I could write Suzanne and see what she thinks..And meanwhile, I can get the Comfort Zone and plug that in…I put his bed right next to mine so when he is alerted I can put my hand on him and say “shush”…Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t…I think what works will be a combination of things…

  7. I have Roadie ( FFTRoadie one for the Road.)and he sleeps at the foot of my bed.He also is alert to noise like if my son comes down the steps. I find it helpful to me because he can hear sounds before I do since I have nerve deafness in one ear. I find something is very funny if I have to get up during the night, when I come back he has positioned himself in my spot on my pillow (smile). I make him get at the foot of the bed and flip my pillow. He is very clean and I brush and comb him every other day and groom him once a month.

    He will bark and fuss until I finally pick him up an put him at the foot and the he gives a sigh and goes to sleep with no more trouble.
    I never thought I would let a dog sleep in my bed but that is what I am doing much to my astonishment.

  8. Kathy says:

    An Apso Moment…Each morning Tess wakes us between 4 and 5 a.m. with little throaty growls and shuffles all of her bedding. It had been a wild night of thunder, rain, hail and lightening over Denver so I wasn’t eager to jump out of bed at 4! Half asleep (?) I called out: “Tenzen! Go back to bed!” I promptly sat up and thought about what I had just hollered…I don’t know any Tenzen’s!!

    It is a common Tibetan name…maybe Tess is really Tenzen, a wayward monk making amends for his former life!! BTW, Tess didn’t make another peep until I was ready to greet the day! :))

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