Grooming…head style


Above is the dog Katy mentioned and below is what she wrote.

Here’s the Calender Apso for June:  (His name or date is not listed).  You can tell that his “bangs” are cut, though, in between his eyes above his stop, and extending in that inverted “V”.  Maybe some over his eyes, too,  extending back from the outside edge of his eyes; hard to tell.   It also looks as though his muzzle hair is cut on a bit of an angle descending from around his mouth.  And all of his head hair blends in with his long ear hair. 

 I’m going to have to keep Zeke’s hair from draggin the ground, for sure.  If he’ll let me cut it along the lines of his sexy little body, and keep his head and muzzle hair a reasonable length, we’ll be in good shape.  Since I explained to him that it’s just simply not acceptable for Apso’s to have matted hair, and when I find a matt, we go and “remove” it immediately (if possible), he’s been much more agreeable with his brushings.  He also seems to enjoy his baths much more, especially since the weather turned hot!  He’s a wild and crazy guy!   And he seems to know how gorgeous his is (owing in no small part to the fact that we tell his how handsome he is all the time!).  Love the blog!  Katy

2 Comments on “Grooming…head style”

  1. Gail Duboe says:

    Debby: What kind of scissors would I use to cut Panchen’s hair? I was reading Koyuki’s journal and saw that you recommend a Mason Pearson brush…I cut my shih’s hair the other day because it is so traumatic for him to go to the groomer’s and it actually came out ok…(I have the tech do the nails…)Would you have advice also for an old dog who doesn’t like to have his teeth cleaned? He only has 2 teeth (canines on the bottom)(I try to swipe them with “Thieves” (It is a wonderful Young Living product-no chemicals… diluted mouth wash when he is having a bath…but he just hates this…I cannot scrape them and the tech is worried about causing him too much stress…he is so old)even a cottom swab won’t do it…have to use a cotton ball and very quickly….)

  2. Katy says:

    Hi Gail,
    I actually gave Zeke a full body haircut about two weeks ago. It turned out pretty darn good, for my first try at grooming an Apso. (I’ll try and get a picture off to Debby). I have a Mason Pearson brush, but the tines seemed a bit too long for his baby hair, so I went back to using a small card I had for a previous tender-skinned poodle. I find the comb works extremely well following the card brushing, for removing lots of hair. I cut about 2 inches off Zeke over all, in a layered manner, with those gap-tooth scissors. It cut off most of his black baby hair, so he’s more silver and gold now, but he looks good and is so much cooler and doesn’t pick up every weed and dry grass he brushes up against now, either. And he still looks very much the Apso.
    I plan on grooming him myself, now that I’ve got a handle on it, and he is cooperating very well with both his bath and his brushing (since we started doing it in the morning, at his insistence!).
    I’m hoping to keep his teeth very clean with the raw meaty bones. But I had my poodles (much more compliant dogs) trained to let me use a doggie dental tool on their teeth, and I actually scraped off the tarter on their teeth. If Panchen has encough teeth (he’d need some back molars in addition to his canines) a raw chicken neck (sans skin) daily might be enough to remove at least some of the buildup.That’s better than harder bones, as it is mostly cartilege and very chewy and easy to digest. (And it would be great for his immune and digestive system, too.)
    I started a five year old dog with tarter build up on raw meaty bones, and it took just a couple months until most of the tarter was gone. It would be a lot more fun for Panchen than trying to physically clean them, if he can eat the neck bones!
    Good luck to you.

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