Debby on…navigation, search, categories and photos.

Whether you’re simply reading or posting, thanks to everyone for participating in the What’s New blog! I’d like to point out a few things…The categories and search part are awesome. As the blog grows, these features will be particularly useful. If you’re only interested in one topic, you can simply hit that category and be redirected to just posts in that category. To get back to the main page of What’s New, simply hit those words in the header at the top of the page.

The search feature does just that. Plug in a word and you’ll be redirected to all posts containing that word. For example, Zeke is mentioned in posts in different categories. Do a search on Zeke and up comes an intro for each of those posts.

I invite you to post about your dog, including photos. The comment feature allows you to comment on a subject that’s already been posted. It doesn’t allow you to start a new subject or to post photos. In order to do that, you’ll have to email me – – with the post and the photo and I’ll use my administrative talents <g> to add these to the blog. Comments can then be made from there. I haven’t yet discovered if there’s a way for you to do this directly.

Another thing I haven’t figured out is how to include the navigation bar across the top that is used throughout the rest of the website. I also haven’t been able to include a link back to Put the Pen to the Paper. For the time being, navigation back to the rest of the FFT website is listed under Links in the left-hand column, right under Archives and Categories.

2 Comments on “Debby on…navigation, search, categories and photos.”

  1. Monica Canestrini says:

    My compliments on your What’s New blog! BTW this is my 1st-ever response to such….guess I’m now a ‘blogger?’ Judging in Des Moines in Sept, best wishes w/Lhasa specialty & gathering. Monica C.

  2. Bernard C says:

    Loved reading thiss thank you

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