Marley and Me

Late last night, teary-eyed, I finished Marley & Me. Eli, my husband Rick’s overly-large chocolate Labrador Retriever, is a dog I reluctantly live with. His heart is as big as he is. He follows me around, driving me absolutely nuts. I prefer a far less needy breed! This book was not only entertaining, but gave me insight into Labrador Retrievers. It’s a best selling book and I highly recommend it.


One Comment on “Marley and Me”

  1. Gail Duboe says:

    I found an amazing book by Ann Wigmore, the living foods advocate who started the Hippocrates Institute in Boston..and started reading it….It is just a gem….even has living foods recipes for pets at the end of the book….and talks about vaccines!! Amazing when you start searching for answers….was thinking of you Katy and Ken…!!! It is called “Our Precious Pets”, National Humane League, Inc. 1987…happened to find it online..what a find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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