A Living Love

Gail asked, “Have you seen this one? (for your Articles….) It is my favorite…….”

3 Comments on “A Living Love”

  1. Katy says:

    This is very beautiful and touching. I have loved my dog companions very deeply and truly in my life. Last year, many months before Zeke came into my life, I had to make a terrible decision to end the earthly life of my incredible five year old standard poodle, Mychal Angelo. I know that Mychal agreed with our decision and willingly accepted his release from his earthly trials. Working through my profound grief, I have done much study ,research, and praying, and I am thoroughly convinced that our beloved companions and all animals, enjoy eternal life as spirtual beings. After they leave this life, they journey on to be with God. As a Christian, I believe that when Christ reconciled the Whole World to God, that definitely included the animals. When the Earth is re-created at the consummation of all things, the animals will receive glorious new spiritual bodies, just like us! We are all just waiting for the Change to come! I know this to be true! It gives me deep comfort in spite of my grief, and it allows the love I have for him, and all the others who have gone before, to continue on in a real and abiding sense. He is not gone, just changed, and I will be with him again. It has confirmed for me what I have always felt about my beloved animal friends, and opened up the way for a new and joyful relationship with my little man, Zeke. This one, he is truly a deep Spirit. He already knows so much! Our life and future together is something that I can hardly wait to experience! Thank you, Debbie, for posting “A Living Love”.

  2. lhasalhady says:

    Gail thought this would be a nice addition to Articles on the Put the Pen to the Paper area (also in the Resources area at the http://www.GompaLhasaApso.com site). I agree!
    Taken from A Living Love, “And on this day–if your friend and God have not decided for you, then you will be faced with making a decision of your own–on behalf of your lifelong friend, and with the guidance of your own deepest Spirit.” Over the years, I have seen a shift in views on euthanasia. Many owners and veterinarians are no longer willing to discuss the topic. The dog suffers because nobody makes the right decision, the gift Katy eloquently describes as “release from his earthly trials.” From now on, when my clients bring up the subject, I am going to share A Living Love. It may give them the courage to give the gift of euthanasia.
    Unlike many of you, I am not a Christian. From the time I was a little girl – 2nd grade, in fact – it made no sense to me. I explored many avenues throughout the years. None spoke to me like a hike in the woods, the continuing crash of the ocean meeting the shore, the moon in all its phases. Mother nature fills my spirit in the same way, I assume, each person’s religious beliefs fill their spirit. I see the cycle of birth, life and death in nature. And, for my own spirit, that influences my beliefs.
    Rather than respecting the death process, many want to postpone the inevitable even when the dog is valiantly trying to die. Katy, I applaud your courage and kindness for giving Mychal Angelo this gift.

  3. Katy says:

    Thanks, Debbie, for your understanding. It was truly the most difficult decision of my entire life, but seeing the pleading in Mychal’s eyes for release from his torment gave me the final courage to carry through with what I knew must happen. And we had a very understanding and compassionate vet who made the transition as gentle and loving as possible. It was almost like a “religious” ceremony as he passed from this life to the next. And “A Living Love” is correct in saying that very few truly understand. Mostly, only “dog” people. But that’s OK, because very few understand the deep love that can exist between animals and people, given the chance and desire. How blessed we are to know that love! Deep pain always accompanies genuine love; it is the “price” of that love, but a price we all willingly pay for the privilege of enjoying the ecstasy of that love!

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