Zooming in on recently placed Apsos

Zeke the Zoomer loves his new Zeek Door!

Brother Max is a Zoomer too!

Gracie, according to her owner, “is very absolutely
wonderful,  adorable and very, very smart.”

“We’re enjoying her so much, she’s a little
spitfire but lovable at the same time.”

“He is truly a mountain boy! He loves
climbing on the snow piles.”

FFT Koyuki                                                
“Koyuki is doing very good. Every day
she wants to go out so many times and
play by herself forever. She loves to
play in the snow!”

Champion FFT It’s Five O’clock Somewhere
“I guess you can tell we are smitten with him.
Thank you so much for allowing us to have
him in our home.”

Champions FFT One For The Road
“I want you to know your little tidbits are very helpful to me.
Well, guess what!!! Roadie is finally mastering the stairs
slowly, both up and down.”

“Thanks again, so very much, for letting us have one of your
precious Apsos.  We consider it a great blessing.”

“Max is great. He has finally settled in and is
enjoying himself tremendously.

Champion FFT Sine Qua Non
“He’s truly an awesome dog. Thank you
so much for introducing us to each other.”

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