10 reasons why you might not want an Apso

You may not want to get an Apso if:

  1. You want to be in charge. Apsos are in charge. The sooner you realize this truth the better off you are.
  2. You must think you are smarter than the dog. The average human IQ is about 100, the Apso above 150. Do not cross wits with an Apso.
  3. You think you know how to train a dog. Apsos are Zen masters; they will train you.
  4. You want to feed your dog manufactured pet food. He does not like corn. He does not like veggies. He is a meat eater.
  5. You want a dog you can choose to ignore until you decide to give him attention. Apsos refuse to be ignored.
  6. You do not want a dog with an attitude. Apsos will be alternately happy, sad, playful, angry, mischievous, and over-exuberant, but never mean. Just don’t cross him, or he will leave you a present on the floor!
  7. You want a dog that will sleep through a burglary. Unfamiliar sounds in the middle of the night will elicit the “wake the Mastiff” alarm bark from your Apso. You will wake up, believe me!
  8. You do not want a dog that will sleep on “your” pillow when you are trying to use it. He has decided that it is HIS pillow!
  9. You do not want a friend for life. If he chooses to love you, you will belong to him, not the other way around.
  10. You expect your dog to come when you call him. Apsos will come when they are damn good and ready! You got that?

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