And, here’s the latest on Rishi:

Here are some cute shots of Rishi I took last week.  His first top knot as we headed to class.  He is awesome at class.  Last night he showed off.  We were suppose to try “shaping” the puppy to put 2 front feet on a box.  Rishi just hopped right up and stood on top.  He walked a board, went through the tire, did tricks on top of disc and the big ball(of course he has been doing that since 9 weeks old).  He is going to be so much fun-he loves his hot dog as a reward.


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Julie’s gift

I received these napkins as a christmas gift, I thought we could all relate.

So say THANK YOU to your family!!!


Stop and smell the roses…

Candice now has time to stop and smell the roses in her new home with Scott and Kelly…

Julie’s niece…

A few days ago I got an email from Julie, wondering if I remember attending McKenna’s 1st birthday, 13 years ago after the St. Croix Valley Shows. I sure do! It seemed every single gift McKenna received had something to do with the Green Bay Packers!

Julie writes:  She is now in a band, below is one of her songs on You Tube. McKenna is very talented and is attending special tutoring, she also excels at the violin, plays guitar and is learning the piano.  Some of us are given an obvious talent, the rest of us have to make believe we have a talent!

Julie on tv – The Dog Show With Jazz

From The Dog Show With Jazz:

In this episode of The Dog Show, we learn how to train a service dog to asisst humans with many different needs. Our breed in the spotlight is the Lhasa Apso, a small hardy breed with a beautiful cloak of hair that parts down their back from their head to their tail. Dr. Kate An Hunter answers questions from you our viewers and Denise Nord shows us some basic behavior training with our dog for adoption.

The Dog Show #41

Expanding our gene pool…

Sunday Julie gave the presentation I presented last October in Pennsylvania to the American Lhasa Apso Club….which is where I’ve been the past week or so. Not in Minnesota, but trying to make final preparations so Julie could pull if off smoothly, with all the necessary components. As some of you may know, about 2 years ago I was appointed chairman of ALAC’s newly formed Native Stock Committee. The Breeders Education Committee of ALAC invited me to give that presentation, which included updating members on the Gompa dogs. Ergo, the film Ancient Treasure – The Remake.

This presentation will be given around the country in the upcoming months. The next one will be here in the Denver area. Please join us!

Westminster Kennel Club

In the spirit of that famous show…

Hype, Money and Cornstarch…What It Takes to Win at Westminster

These photos were taken in 2006, the year Julie, me and our husbands trekked to NYC. Ch. FFT C’est La Vie on the bench…

The weather was similar…