Illustration by Rose Cowles
from Puppies on Board by Sarah N. Harvey

There are more and more resources, thankfully, for breeder education. Dr. Carmen Battaglia publishes a newsletter titled Breeding Better Dogs. His newsletter and website, with the intention of “building a better world of breeders” are designed to support those interested in continuing education. You can subscribe by contacting Breeding Better Dogs and clicking on Your email address will be placed on the mailing list for future newsletters.


A New Kind of Breeder by Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Born to Win Breed to Succeed by Patricia Craige Trotter

Breeding Better Dogs by Carmelo L. Battaglia, Ph.D.

Breeding for the Difference by Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Breeding Management by Milan Hess, DVM, MS,Dip, ACT

Canine Reproduction A Breeder’s Guide by Phyllis A. Holst, MS, DVM

Changing Criteria by Patricia Craige Trotter

Comparative Placentation Domestic Dog by K. Benirschke

Dietary Recommendation for Reproduction Dr. Milan Hess

Progesterone data from Dr. Hess

The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog by Ann Seranne

The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in America by Carol D. Hawke

Umbilical cord tear treatment by Ronny Junkins

Whelping and Supplies by Debby Rothman

Where Have All The Breeders Gone? by Gay Dunlap

When Is an Egg Not an Egg by Warren M. Hern, M.D.