“Teasing Medusa’s Hair”
by Jeff Leady
“I wonder if other dogs think poodles
are members of a weird religious cult.”
Rita Rudner


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Lhasa Apsos are considered high maintenance regarding grooming. There are factors that contribute to the degree of difficulty and many caretakers opt to have their dog professionally groomed. Some are kept in full coat like the dog in the above photo. Others are kept in a variety of different coat lengths and head styles..

Braids on the Head

Thinning the Head – long hair

Thinning the Head – short hair



Teddy Bear Clip (short)



Teddy Bear Clip (long)














Here’s some variations in the length of the Lhasa Apso Teddy Bear clip. The head style, balanced with each dog’s haircut, maintaining the “look” of the breed.


Molly wears her hair nice and short. See how using the thinning shears helps her maintain the Apso look, accentuating her beautiful eyes. The technique is the same as used on Angel; keep thinning more, along with shortening the hairs like under Angel’s eyes.

Molly before having her hair thinned.

And after….

Here’s Aaron before getting some of the length taken off his coat.

A comb blade attached to a #40 blade is being gently guided through his hair, following the lay of his hair.

Here’s Aaron’s new look!

Olie demonstrates a look somewhere in between. Here he is before the grooming. Notice the hair in front of his eyes and hanging over his eyes.

Olie has received his bath and is ready for the finishing touches. Comb the hair forward over the eyes.


Take the thinning shears across the front of the eyes and shorten all the hair. Thinning shears give a more natural appearance than using scissors. You can also lay the thinning shears flat against the head, as demonstrated with Angel, to remove bulk.

Be sure to do the inverted V!

Here’s Olie from the side…

And from the front…

Here’s Angel face before and after her routine two week grooming. Hair is removed between the eyes, but not down the bridge of the nose.