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AKC Gazette article

…co-penned by Debby.

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She liked the bath but didn’t much care for the dryer. Val



And, here’s the latest on Rishi:

Here are some cute shots of Rishi I took last week.  His first top knot as we headed to class.  He is awesome at class.  Last night he showed off.  We were suppose to try “shaping” the puppy to put 2 front feet on a box.  Rishi just hopped right up and stood on top.  He walked a board, went through the tire, did tricks on top of disc and the big ball(of course he has been doing that since 9 weeks old).  He is going to be so much fun-he loves his hot dog as a reward.


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Here’s the latest from Val:

Hi, How are things going. I have some pictures for you of Chophel. She is doing really well. She is very smart and learns quick. She had fun at xmas and had her first pontail, she did not take it out. She loves school and most of all enjoys running through the equipment. Looks like we have an agility dog. Yeah. Take care,