Weaving the two lineages together


The year prior to initial acceptance of the Gompas into AKC’s Studbook, Debby bred two litters:

Litter 1:     Gompa Lotus Kham ma x Gompa Kunza Chandra – 1 male and 2 females born August 21, 2010.
Male:      Kunza Danba
Female:  Kunza Chopel
Female:  Kunza Ananda

Litter 2:     Gompa Lotus Kham ma x Dharmapala Kunza Nagpo – 2 males born September 6, 2010.
Male:     Kunza Rishi
Male:     Kunza Tigle

The puppies from these litters, as well as their sire and dams, became AKC registered in 2011 after the American Lhasa Apso Club voted to allow AKC registration for this lineage. Additionally, their lineage dating back to the original imports into the western hemisphere is recorded in the AKC Studbook.

We either kept or placed those five puppies with friends. We went forward with one from each litter, integrating those into our FFT (Fleetfire Timbers) lineage.

Kunza Danba was bred to BISS Grand Champion FFT Melou “Well Said” AX AXJ (Ella). We chose Ella because of her exquisite type and movement. Equally important, her four siblings were all show quality with beautiful heads and movement. From this breeding, three puppies were produced:

Female:     Kunza Zopa at FFT Melou (Zopa)
Male:         Kunza Nan Tan at FFT Melou (Tanner)
Male:         Champion Kunza Drin Lan at FFT Melou (Landin)

All three are actively pursuing agility. En route to his championship title, Landin was awarded majors during Specialty weekends and a Best of Breed over specials. He is a beautiful moving dog with a dead-level topline and outstanding shoulder layback.

Kunza Rishi was bred to Champion FFT Just My Imagination (Jena). Jena is the granddaughter of BISS Champion FFT C’est La Vie. C’est La Vie epitomized Lhasa Apso type with correct size, head and movement. Representing our breeding program since its inception, her pedigree contains all of our foundation dogs. Rishi and Jena produced two females:

Kunza Inspiration at FFT (Indie)
Grand Champion Kunza Anticipation at FFT (Payton)

Payton was the first Lhasa Apso with Gompa heritage to not only become an AKC champion but also a grand champion. She achieved her championship with back-to-back-to-back five-point majors during a Specialty weekend.

Champion Kunza Drin Lan at FFT Melou bred to Grand Champion Kunza Anticipation at FFT resulted in seven puppies, 3 females and 4 males born April 15, 2015:

Female:     Kunza FFT The Journey Continues (Jentry)
Female:     Kunza FFT Infinite Journey  (Fin)
Female:     Kunza FFT Journey of the Heart at Joslyn
Male:         Kunza FFT The Journey Home (Jordy)
Male:         Kunza FFT Sentimental Journey
Male:         Kunza FFT The Journey Within
Male:         Kunza FFT The Long Journey

These puppies have been painstakingly placed either with the next “gatekeepers” of the Gompa lineage, including several long-time successful breeder/exhibitors or with fanciers of the Gompa dogs. We have passed the torch and are grateful to have found people willing to take on the journey and – at the same time – respect the past and all that these puppies may be able to bring to the breed.

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