Lineage History

The history of our lineage began as separate breeding programs, yet with common dogs. Fleetfire – Debby Rothman and Mary Schroeder – strove to maintain Tibetan type since 1979. Timbers’ – Julie Timbers – was founded in 1984. The following demonstrates how our lines intertwined from the beginning of our relationship. Click on each photo to see a pedigree for that dog.

Fleetfire was founded on three dogs, two dogs and one bitch. All became Register of Merit producers, including a two-star producer and a one-star producer.

Ch. Almont’s JB of Nyima ROM**
(Ch. Nyima Knick’s DeBusschere* x Almont’s Dew Drop)

 Ch. Nyima’s A Little Nachas ROM
(Ch. Nyima Knick’s DeBusschere* x Ch. Shana of Halmar*

 Ch. Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNite ROM*
(Ch. Nyima’s Mucho Macho x Autumn Lee Beau)

Timbers’ foundation bitches were both multiple Champion producers, including a one-star producing Register of Merit.

Timbers’ Ribbons ‘n Lace
(Ch. Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNite ROM* x Loubren’s Daisy Chain)

 Ch. Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM*

 (Ch. Fleetfire Hot Tam Alie x Ch. Fleetfire Zhel Lee Bhel Lee ROM*)

Fleetfire’s first litter produced the first homebred champion, Ch. Fleetfire Zhel Lee Bhel Lee ROM*. Bhel finished her title  August 27, 1983 exhibited exclusively in the  Bred-By-Exhibitor  class.  Bhel played a very important role in the Fleetfire breeding program and can be found in the tail female line of all but one of the Register of Merit  bitches bred by Fleetfire. She was a Jelly Bean daughter, sired by Ch. Rimar’s Rumpelstiltskin ROM.

 Bhel blowing in the wind.

Bhel winning her first major as a puppy, shown in the Bred-By-Exhibitor class, under judge Gordon Parham.

Judge Leota Vandevetter, a former all-breed handler from Omaha, Nebraska, near my hometown, awarding Bhel another major. This win was special because I always admired both Mrs. Vandevetter and her husband Rex for their handling skills and the many Best In Show dogs they exhibited.  

 Ch. Fleetfire Zhel Lee Bhel Lee ROM*
(Ch. Rimar’s Rumpelstiltskin ROM* x Ch. Almont’s JB of Nyima ROM**

Timbers’ first home-bred Champion, Kicker, was born in the first litter produced by Julie.


Ch. Timbers’ Alive ‘n Kickin’
(Ch. Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNite ROM* x Timbers’ Ribbons ‘n Lace)

Ch. Fleetfire Fash On Red ROM completed her Championship, August 18, 1985. Second generation homebred Fleetfire champion, she followed her dam’s footsteps, finishing exclusively from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class.

Ch. Fleetfire Fash On Red ROM
(Ch. Niall’s Fleetfire O’ Blu Patina x Ch. Fleetfire Zhel Lee Bhel Lee ROM*)

Kicker sired Julie’s second generation homebred BISS Champion Timbers’ Fleetfire Last Dance. Summer finished her Championship from the Bred-By Exhibitor class with a Specialty Best of Breed over ten specials.


Ch. Timbers’ Fleetfire Last Dance
(Ch. Timbers’ Alive ‘n Kickin’ x Ch. Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM*)

Fashon Red and Summer established a tradition – finishing from the Bred-By Exhibitor class – that continues today.

Here’s a step back in time, demonstrating the early
intertwining of human relationships and foundation dogs.

Ch. Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNite ROM* in the stud dog class at a Specialty match. From the left: Mary Schroeder with Ch. Fleetfire Red Rox, Joyce Dzinciloski with Ch. Fleetfire Red Rover Red Rover C.D., Debby Rothman with Stuffy, Julie Timbers with Timbers’ Ribbons n’ Lace, Fleetfire Little Big Man and Sondra Rogers with Ch. Fleetfire Leidi Lei Dawna

 Three Register of Merit breeders..
Julie Timbers, Debby Rothman and Mary Schroeder 

 Ch. Fleetfire Westwind
(Ch. Sho Tru Hylan Stetson ROM x Ch. Fleetfire Snappy Bit of Ginger ROM))

Mary Schroeder has been an important part of Fleetfire Lhasa Apsos over the years, co-owning and co-breeding a vast majority of the Apsos,earning her  Register of Merit breeder status in 1987. She breeds French Bulldogs under the Fleetfire banner. In the past few years Mary has placed her efforts on her judging career, becoming an AKC licensed judge for Lhasa Apsos, French Bulldogs, Poodles and Chow Chows. Currently she is working on requirements to judge four more breeds.

Ch. Fleetfire Red Rox
(Ch. Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNite ROM* x Fleetfire Won An On Lee)

As time passed, sometimes Julie exhibited dogs carrying only the Fleetfire kennel name. Sometimes Debby exhibited dogs carrying only the Timbers’ kennel  name.

 Ch. Fleetfire U Got That Right
(Ch. Fleetfire U Wear It Well x Ch. Fleetfire Gimme Three Steps)

 Ch. Timbers’ Standing Ovation
(Ch. Timber’s Fleetfire Encore x Ch. Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM*)

 And sometimes Kaylee, Julie’s daughter, exhibited the dogs…

Ch. Timbers’ Cause for Applause
Ch. Timbers’ Fleetfire Take A Bow
(Ch. Fleetfire Westwind x Ch. Timbers’ Applause Applause ROM)

When Kaylee was three years old, she begged her mom to help with the dogs. She has helped ever since. Kaylee is near completion of her own breeder Register of Merit. She’s now a sophomore in college and continues to exhibit when home during the summer.

 Timbers’ Fleetfire Victoria ROM*
(Fleetfire Fast Forward x Ch. Timber’s Standing Ovation)

 Ch. FFT Que Sais-je
(Ch. Timbers’ MiToya Confidential x Timbers’ Fleetfire Victoria ROM*)

In 1999, tired of eliminating awesome names because our combined kennel names left few options, we started using FFT. Most recent Champions carry the FFT kennel name. If we could earn another breeders’ Register of Merit, the kennel name FFT has met those requirements.  

For nearly 20 years Fleetfire dogs have primarily been exhibited Specialty  weekends. The enjoyment for Debby comes from planning a litter, watching the puppies develop, selecting a promising puppy, training the puppy and  ultimately showing the dog to its championship, preferably from the  Bred-By-Exhibitor class. Dogs under Debby’s care aren’t exhibited after completion of championship, although a number of them have placed in groups, including four group ones won by four different dogs.

Julie, on the other hand, enjoys dog shows and the show ring. For years she waited for that ‘special’ dog, a dog she, as breeder, would be proud to special, a dog that would make the statement, “This is what I think is correct for the breed!” Well worth the wait…..


Multiple Best In Specialty
Multiple Group winning Ch. FFT C’est La Vie

Ch. FFT C’est La Vie
(Ch. Timbers’ MiToya Confidential x Timbers’ Fleetfire Victoria ROM)

 Julie, like Mary, is also an AKC judge. She judges Lhasa Apsos, Junior Showmanship, Tibetan Terriers, Chinese Crested, Weimaraners and Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens. 

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Our Register of Merit producers

 Ch. Almont’s JB of Nyima ROM**

 Ch. Fleetfire Zhel Lee Bhel Lee ROM*

 Ch. Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNiteROM*

 Ch. Fleetfire Fash On Red ROM

 Ch. Fleetfire Tia Taschi-Anna ROM

 Ch. Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM*

 Ch. Timbers’ Applause Applause ROM*

 Ch. Fleetfire Windstar Dress To Kill ROM

 Ch. Fleetfire Snappy Bitof Ginga ROM

 Ch. Nyima’s A Little Nachas ROM

 Niall’s Fleetfire Tally Ho ROM

 Ch. Fleetfire Timbers U Gotta Dance ROM*

 Timbers’ Fleetfire Victoria ROM*

Ch. Timbers’ She Tsabo Shot O’Tequila ROM

Ch. She Tsabo Cheers ROM

She Tsabo Timbers’ Chianti ROM

Ch. Timbers’ Mi Toya Confidential ROM