Grand Champion FFT Melou “Well Said”


Champion FFT Dancin’ After Midnight ROM Sw.Can.Int. Champion Whisbourne Sleep Walker Int.Nord. Champion Whisborne Hair Apparent Mutli. Champion Travis Nose For News
Sw.Champion Spinmatic News Week
Whisborne Heart in Motion Champion Kinderland Ta Sen Rockafeller
Champion Hylan ShoTru By By Birdie
Champion Fleetfire Timbers’ U Gotta Dance ROM Champion Fleetfire U Got That Right Champion Fleetfire U Wear It Well
Champion Fleetfire Gimme Three Steps
Champion Timbers’ Fleetfire Last Dance Champion Timbers’ Alive ‘n Kickin’
Champion Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM*
Champion FFT All Said n’ Done ROM Champion Brooksbjur Abba Ka Dab Ra Champion Bhutan’s Sim Balah Champion Mokiema’s Skullduggery
Champion Dimsum’s Little Bhutan Eyes
Brooksbjur Heavenly Bliss Champion Rufkins Don’t Worry Be Happy
Can. Champion Whisborne All This N’Heaven Too
Champion Timbers’ She Tsabo Shot O’Tequila ROM Champion Ha-Lee’s Tequila on the Rocks Champion Mi Toya Windchill Index ROM
Ha-Lee’s Tequila Sunrise
She Tsabo Timbers’ Chianti ROM Champion Woodlyn’s Dustbuster
Champion She Tsabo Cheers ROM*

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