FFT Road to Zen


Champion FFT One For The Road Champion FFT It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere Champion Timbers’ Mi Toya Confidential ROM Champion Woodlyn’s Dustbuster
Champion Timbers’ Applause Applause ROM
Champion She Tsabo Cheers ROM* Champion Timbers’ Cause For Applause
Champion Sera Mar Chrissi
Moondancer Cheyenne Starr Champion Byrnwood Fleetfire Primal Fear Champion Fleetfire Bellisima Where R U
Byrnwood’s Anastasia
Cheyenne Starr Morning Star Champion Fleetfire Kruzen’
Princess Teelaa Morning Star
Champion FFT Dance of The Black Hats Champion Whisbourne Sleep Walker Int.Nord. Champion Whisborne Hair Apparent Mutli. Champion Travis Nose For News
Sw.Champion Spinmatic News Week
Whisborne Heart in Motion Champion Kinderland Ta Sen Rockafeller
Champion Hylan ShoTru By By Birdie
Champion Fleetfire Timbers’ U Gotta Dance ROM Champion Fleetfire U Got That Right Champion Fleetfire U Wear It Well
Champion Fleetfire Gimme Three Steps
Champion Timbers’ Fleetfire Last Dance Champion Timbers’ Alive ‘n Kickin’
Champion Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM*


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