Champion FFT Do U Wanna Dance



Champion FFT Dancin’ After Midnight ROM Champion Whisborne Sleep Walker Champion Whisborne Hair Apparent Champion Travis Nose For News
Champion Spinmatic News Week
Whisborne Heart in Motion Champion Kinderland Ta Sen Rockafeller
Champion Hylan ShoTru By By Birdie
Champion Fleetfire Timbers’ U Gotta Dance ROM Champion Fleetfire U Got That Right Champion Fleetfire U Wear It Well
Champion Fleetfire Gimme Three Steps
Champion Timbers’ Fleetfire Last Dance Champion Timbers’ Alive ‘n Kickin’
Champion Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM*
Timbers’ Fleetfire Victoria ROM* Fleetfire Fast Forward Champion Fleetfire RePlay Champion Nyima’s A Little Nachas ROM
Champion Almont’s JB of Nyima ROM**
Fleetfire Bobbie Jean Hylan Sho Tru That Other Stuff
Fleetfire Billie Jean
Champion Timbers’ Standing Ovation Champion Timbers’ Fleetfire Encore Champion Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNite ROM*
Timbers’ Ribbons ‘n Lace
Champion Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM* Champion Fleetfire Hot Tam Alie
Champion Fleetfire Zhel Lee Bhel Lee ROM*

Anna (FFT Do U Wanna Dance who completed her Championship that night)
on the ringside table, Kaylee preparing Edmund.     

Anna finishing her title, officially becoming Champion FFT Do U Wanna Dance.


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