The 120+ Champions

Most of these dogs are/were co-bred and/or co-owned by Debby and Julie. Kaylee finished a number of these dogs and earned her own breeder Register of Merit June 22, 2007. Some were trusted to us by fellow breeders for our breeding program. Others – found at the bottom of this page – aren’t Champions, but have played an important role in the breeding program. For a pedigree and photos, click on the dog’s name in the alphabetized list below.

The 120+ Champions

Ch. Almont’s JB of Nyima ROM**
Ch. Apsolutely FFT Tell Me No Lies
Ch. Aurora’s KimTu Dynasty
Ch. Brooksbjur Abba Ka Dab Ra
Ch. Brooksbjur Fleetfire Alias
Ch. Byrnwood Fleetfire Primal Fear
Ch. FF Moonspirit Cheyenne Starr
Ch. Fleetfire Spirited Moonshadow
Ch. FFT All Said And Done
Ch. FFT Carpe Diem
Ch. FFT C’est La Vie
Ch. FFT ChaCha at Sunset
Ch. FFT Dance of the Black Hats
Ch. FFT Dance Til Dawn
Ch. FFT Dancin’ After Midnight
Ch. FFT Do U Know Jill
Ch. FFT Do U Wanna Dance
Ch. FFT Fernando
Ch. FFT It Had To Be U
Ch. FFT It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere
Ch. FFT Just My Imagination
Ch. FFT Kisses of Fire
Ch. FFT Melou Spill The Wine

GCh. FFT Melou “Well Said” AX AXJ
GCh. FFT Midnight Flamenco Dancer
Ch. FFT Nordik Rose On Golden Pond
Ch. FFT No Wine Before Its Time
Ch. FFT One For The Road
Ch. FFT Purple Marble
Ch. FFT Que-Sais-Je
Ch. FFT Save The Last Dance
Ch. FFT She Tsabo U Can Do Magic
Ch. FFT Sine Qua Non
Ch. FFT Take The Money and Run
Ch. FFT That’s What I Said
Ch. FFT The Ezential Road
Ch. FFT Tillarox Who Said That
Ch. FFT Veni Vidi Vici
Ch. Fleetfire A Fash On Classic
Ch. Fleetfire Bellisima Where R U
Ch. Fleetfire Fade to Black
Ch. Fleetfire Fancy Dresser
Ch. Fleetfire Fandancer
Ch. Fleetfire Fash On Red ROM
Ch. Fleetfire Flashblack
Ch. Fleetfire Freeway
Ch. Fleetfire Gimme Three Steps
Ch. Fleetfire Hot Tam Alie
Ch. Fleetfire Kruzen’
Ch. Fleetfire Leidi La Dawna
Ch. Fleetfire Lots O Luven’ Stuff
Ch. Fleetfire Malarky
Ch. Fleetfire Marvelous Marlan
Ch. Fleetfire On The Rox
Ch. Fleetfire Par Ting Shot
Ch. Fleetfire Put On Your Red Shus
Ch. Fleetfire Red Cliff
Ch. Fleetfire Red Fern
Ch. Fleetfire Red Rox
Ch. Fleetfire Red Rover Red Rover C.D.
Ch. Fleetfire Red Zin Ger
Ch. Fleetfire RePlay
Ch. Fleetfire Shalimar Ruby Tuesday
Ch. Fleetfire Shiver Me Timbers’ ROM*
Ch. Fleetfire Snappy Bit of Ginga ROM
Ch. Fleetfire Spirited Moonshadow
Ch. Fleetfire Step Aside O’Nyima
Ch. Fleetfire Tia Taschi-Anna ROM
Ch. Fleetfire Timbers’ Sidesaddle
Ch. Fleetfire Timbers’ U Gotta Dance ROM*
Ch. Fleetfire Timbers’ Uptown Girl
Ch. Fleetfire Timbers’ Wild One
Ch. Fleetfire Time Runner
Ch. Fleetfire U Got That Right
Ch. Fleetfire U R Bellisima
Ch. Fleetfire U Wear It Well
Ch. Fleetfire Westwind
Ch. Fleetfire Westwind Headdress
Ch. Fleetfire Windstar Dress to Kill ROM
Ch. Fleetfire Zhel Lee Bhel Lee ROM*
Ch. Fleetfire Zhoi Zhel
Ch. Hoshira Jason’s Fleece O Gold
Ch. Hylan ShoTru Rock’em Sock’em
Ch. Ka-Ron’s Raven
Ch. Kai-La-Sha Keepsake
GCh. Kunza Anticipation at FFT
Ch. Kunza Drin Lan at FFT Melou
Ch. Manchu’s Poise ‘n Ivy
Ch. Mi Toya Timbers’ Chardonnay
Ch. Mokiema Kunza’s Dr. Who
Ch. Niall’s O’Blu Patina
Ch. Niall’s Patina
Ch. Nordik Rose Audrey Hepburn
Ch. Nyima’s A Little Nachas ROM
Ch. Nyima’s Hot Stuff ToNite ROM*
Ch. Nyima Macho’s Muchacha
Ch. SanJo Fleetfire
Ch. She Tsabo Cheers ROM
Ch. She Tsabo Nordik Rose Magic Bette
Ch. She Tsabo Timbers’ Magic in the Air
Ch. She Tsabo Timbers’ Magic Man
Ch. She Tsabo Timbers’ Wind Chill
Ch. Tillarox Fleetfire Legal Alien
Ch. Tillarox Going For Gold
Ch. Timbers’ Alive ‘n Kickin’
Ch. Timbers’ Applause Applause ROM*
Ch. Timbers’ Cause For Applause
Ch. Timbers’ Fleetfire Encore
Ch. Timbers’ Fleetfire Last Dance
Ch. Timbers’ Fleetfire Steeplechase
Ch. Timbers’ Fleetfire Take A Bow
Ch. Timbers’ MiToya Confidential ROM
Ch. Timbers’ MiToya Private Affair
Ch. Timbers’ She Tsabo For Your Eyes Only
Ch. Timbers’ She Tsabo Confidentially Yours
Ch. Timbers’ She Tsabo Magic in the Air
Ch. Timbers’ She Tsabo Shot O’Tequila ROM
Ch. Timbers’ She Tsabo Tequilla Rose
Ch. Timbers’ Standing Ovation
Ch. Whisborne Brooksbjur Satisfaction
Ch. Whisborne Sleep Walker


Byrnwood’s Anastasia
Fleetfire Fast Forward
Niall’s Fleetfire Tally Ho ROM
She Tsabo Timbers’ Chianti ROM
Timbers’ Fleetfire Victoria ROM*