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Danba, the puppies’ great-grandpa


Several years ago Kunza Danba went to Idaho to live with Susan Whitaker. Before leaving Debby’s care, he sired two litters. A puppy from each litter later gained Championship. Ch. Kunza Drin Lan at FFT Melou OA OAJ and Ch. Mokiema Kunza’s Dr. Who. With Susan he has sired several litters with pointed offspring, along with a litter bred by Cassandra de la Rosa producing Ch. Suntory La Bamba and Ch. Suntory Fandango.

Received this update from Susan…

Danba has over the last 2 months turned a very affectionate, playful boy. I think he is finally feeling comfortable here. AND I get a nose kiss every day. He still is chary of strangers, but that is what he is supposed to be. When he gets his teeth done I have to get him out of the cage for them, and when he is ready to come home get him out again. But he does stand for the vet to examine him, he is tolerant of clippers and even lets me use the pedipaws on his feet. His son that I kept is a little on the small side, but otherwise very nice, and has a very hard, correct but slow growing coat. He is still very much a puppy, and he and his sire are the only two males that get along in the house.  Thought you would enjoy an update.

More puppy fun at 6 1/2 weeks

The puppies are being exposed to different obstacles, which in turn is ingraining the fact that it is ok to walk on different textures, things that move or go into the dark.  All the puppies in the litter can do this little luring exercise, as shown in the video.  Their mom taught them how to go through the tunnel and they run and play chase through it all the time.  A board that moves?  No worries, the  puppies know they get a treat when they go on it. The importance of allowing the puppies to explore and build their self esteem at this young age will allow the puppies adjust to new situations that much easier as they mature.
(The puppy in the video is spoken for-she is staying with us!  Meet FFT Woodlyn’s Escape From The Cold , call name “Maui”)

6 1/2 weeks

In this video we see Harper playing with her puppies.   Teaching her puppies about “appropriate” play is just one of the many things a mother dog teaches, and it is the reason allowing the puppies to stay with their mom and littermates until an older age is so important.

The latest on the puppies

Puppies are doing wonderful!  Lots of firsts this past week. Moved into the kitchen to be exposed to all the noises and goings on in the home.  Aspen, my daughter’s Viszla stayed with us for 10 days, and the puppies learned to love her, not at all fazed by her size and exuberance.  They were also introduced to solid food, which they are liking it a little more each day, although their favorite thing to do is walk through the food. They have really started interacting with each other and playing with toys. They are very outgoing and exploring all the new things in their lives.

They’ve opened their eyes!

Julie reports: Puppies are now 2 1/2 weeks old. Their eyes opened a few days ago and they are just starting to try and get up on their legs.

The boys…puppies boys 2.5 wk (2)The dark girls…puppies dark girl 2.5More girls…puppies girls 2.5 wk